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Muine, Ho Chi Min City(Siagon)

Written on: Saturday June 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: Vietnam

Muine is a small town about 5 hour south of Na Trang. It is on the cusp of a HUGE tourism boom. There are huge resorts starting to go up everywhere. I am really glad we got to see it beacuse in about 5 years it looks as if it will be something like Mexico. Although it was pouring as we got in, by the time we reached the guest house it had stopped. We stayed on this wonderful little guesthouse on the ocean, our first beach bungalow!! Soooo cute, even though it did have cockroaches. Kris went to go to the bathroom, turned on the light and was scared half to death by the cockroach. It wasn?t huge, but it defiantly was bigger than any if the bugs in Canada. I had to sleep in her bed that night, you know to protect her incase the cockroach decided to eat her. We also went to the sand dunes, which were stunning! The ride out was extremely fun as well, we go motorcycle taxis so the warm ocean wind was blowing in our face and whipping our hair around as we raced by the ocean and then out to the dunes! Truly exhilarating!!
Then next day we headed to Ho Chi Min (Saigon) for a day and a night. We were able to see the Reunification Palace as well as the War Museum. I wont say much as I could talk about those for quite a while and this is already long, but the War Museum was one of the most profound and brutally honest things I have ever seen in my life, well until Phnom Penh but I had yet to experience that. The destruction that wars release on millions of innocent victims is plain to see, and the way that the prisoners are treated and tortured was completely unthinkable. After our somber afternoon we go some dinner at a wonderful little place, that we had begun to eat almost all our meals at, they now new that we liked our fruit plates without papaya, spent alot of time writing in our journals and then headed to bed, as we were catching the 6 bus to Phnom Penh and that meant wake up at 4:45.