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Water Bottle? Check. Aviators? Check.

Written on: Tuesday January 23rd, 2007

Well, its getting to go time.  I'm starting to pack up all my crap for the most awesome journey ever.   I'm sitting here trying to figure out how many pairs of aviators i'll need or if my ratio of crashing and breaking sunglasses at night will be lower driving across Central America then in LA.  Prob not.  I'll bring 3 and supplement my stash as we go.  I'll prob end up giving them to kids anyways.

What else do you need on a trip like this.  Water bottle. Done. Clothes? Probably a few, better to buy as we go.. cheaper too.  Plus, where am I gonna put my woolen alpaca sweater for hiking South America while bar hopping across Costa Rica?  Hrm what else.  Sun tan lotion.  Flip-flops.  Passport, don't forget that. Book and pillow for the RV.

I guess thats about it. My pack only weighs like 12lbs.  Seems a little light...


From Kyle on May 5th, 2007

Aves are definitely an essential, ive managed to lose 2 pairs in 3 months.. not too bad considering what a spack I am at remembering things, im just lucky to be in Malasia, imitations here I come. Oh and i'm Kyle by the way, nice to meet you..! Kx