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Oh God, is this hell, cause its hot enough to be...

Written on: Thursday February 8th, 2007

Well its been awhile since I was able to get to a computer.  The beginning of my epic trip didn't start well. Half way across central Mexico we broke down in the middle of nowhere and it took us almost a week to get our van to a town and i'm pretty sure we're not even close to getting on the move again.  We stranded in a two horse town between Apan and Apizaco, this is one of three computers in the town and its definately seen better days.  I can't upload pics because it has no usb or cd drive so those will have to come later.

We visited Mexico City and spent some drunken nights there living in low-rent apartments with the locals for a couple weeks.  Great fun, real mexican food is so good.  Sometimes its hard to remember that what we eat as mexican state-side is such crap.  Nothing like sitting in the dusty back-streets of Mexico City with a baked fish taco/sandwhich thing, a warm beer, and playing dice with my toothless 80yr old short-term friend Picho.

After wearing out our welcome in Mexico City we decided to make the treacherous journey across the Cerro Del Tlaloc to Verracruz on the Caribbean.  about a quarter of the way we broke down, and so we're stuck for now.  Looks like a phenominal town and i'm sure i'll have something to write about later on.

Now to find a shower.