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Day 8-11: Currumbin, Burleigh and back to Byron

Written on: Monday March 28th, 2011

A journal entry from: Down Under Surf Safari

After our Byron trip we had 4 days to hang around the Gold Coast and check out the local surf breaks . On Monday we checked out Currumbin in the morning which is at the mouth of a river. You can ride the surf across from the point to the beach on the other side and then swim back across the river. In the afternoon we went to surf Burleigh but the cross wind and undertow made it difficult to stay near the good breaks. Jova had us over for a great sushi dinner.

Tuesday we headed back to Coolangatta and surfed Snapper Rocks to Greenmount. Like Currumbin you could surf off the point and keep catching breaks until you hit the beach. I was on my second lap when Simms came paddling out of the whitewash toward me. At first I just gave him the thumbs up until I noticed that the entire right side of his face was covered in blood. Board to the brow = 7 stitches and 48 hr surfing ban. We went for smoothies to ice his eye and then had a chill evening; went to watch The Mechanic - or was it The Transporter 1, 2, 3?

On Wednesday Joel, Curtis and I went for a long jog in the morning around San Fernando Drive and saw our first kangaroos. We caught a ride to Burleigh which wasn't producing any good surf and then had a short go at Currumbin. Figuring this was not our day we went with Simmerz to 'motorcycle alley', a district with many bike dealerships.

Thursday was surf day again. We rented a 'ute' from Avis (a "utility" vehicle which in Australia denotes a car-truck LAME or a small pick up truck with a 'tray'). We drove back down to Byron Bay at 5 in the morning and completed another full Watego's program: morning surf - coffee - surf - kebabs - surf - beer - sunset surf. Amazing day. We each had great rides and made it back happy and ready for Noosa.



From Natalie on Apr 15th, 2011

Hey guys! Looks like an amazing time! Curtis looks just as I remember him when we met in the late 80s (aged of course). We're planning a little family trip to Van this Summer hopefully we'll get to catch some of you van der Marels out there! Happy Easter! xxx

From Tawny on Jun 13th, 2011

YMMD with that aneswr! TX