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Day 0-2 Vancouver - Gold Coast

Written on: Saturday March 19th, 2011

A journal entry from: Down Under Surf Safari

After a long but spacious trans-Pacific flight Joel and I finally arrived in Sydney, Australia. Our flight was delayed connecting to Brisbane so we stalked Curtis in the airport and we all ended up on the same flight in the end. After taking the train from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Curtis' high school buddy Jeremy Jova picked us up and we crashed early at his place.

Early the next morning went to check out the surf at the spit (Surfer's Paradise) and then went out at main beach for two sessions. Jova had some boards we could switch up on and then we accompanied him to campus when he had to got to class. While in the campus bar who else do I run into at Tuesdays Trivia?? Tyler Lalonde. Tyler and I were in Geostudies together at Barrie North and hadn't seen each other since (10 years!). This night got a little carried away and we ended up at Jova's again to sleep off the 'jet lag'. 


From David W. on Apr 14th, 2011

Wow Small world! hay?