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Day 2: Enkhuizen to Workum - 93 km

Written on: Sunday June 20th, 2010

A journal entry from: Tour de Holland

Some doubt had arizen to the accuracy of Opa's trip. Today we were to cross the large dyke that creates the IJsselmeer in order to reach Friesenland (to the north). From the map we had guessed at the length of the dyke and by the hour it was growing in length with extreme winds expected. The question that came up was whether the dyke existed in the 40s, a huge feat of engineering for that time. Had it not of course, it would toss Opa's cycling story.

We left after a great breakfast (8 loaves of bread GONE). The weather was similar to the day before; gray and blustery with occasional rain but stronger winds. We were circling the IJsselmeer to the west, facing a strong headwind for the most part. We encountered other cycling groups and tagged on, forming larger peletons before once again dispersing on our separate journey.

As we neared the water to the north, winds were getting stronger and we took turns leading the group as the rest drafted. Even so, it was difficult at times to stay together. At one point Joel, Curtis, Derek and myself formed a pace line and pushed ahead into the wind. We managed to reach a steady speed of 38 km/h and I was pushing to go faster. I made a motion with my hand, signalling to Curtis and Derek, and no sooner had I shifted my weight did I ride up onto the back of Joel's bike and bail onto the wet pavement. Fortunately Curtis and Derek both reacted quickly and went for the ditch, narrowly avoiding me. I caught most of the fall with my left hip and somehow two fingertips on my left hand. I had managed to get road rash without damaging my bike shorts. 

After a quick assessment of our bikes and my injuries, I taped up my fingertips with electric tape and was berated by Johnny for a moment before we continued on our way. We reached the start of the dyke with trepidation but since the windward side was on the other side of a large berm, the wind was not as bad as we'd expected. We took our time and were met by Ron and Rene at the halfway point.

Here there is a monument contributing the construction of the dyke which had occurred well before Opa would have rode his single-speed across the same spot!! I would later find out that Opa and two friends rode this part of the trip from Monster (south of Amsterdam) to Friesenland in a single day! We had taken two days to accomplish our first 200 km. 

Kyle managed to get a flat right where we were having lunch which was convenient. And more conveniently, the restaurant had fleece blankets outside which we used to warm ourselves up while eating. It didn't take much longer until we reached Workum, a quaint cobblestone town with several dykes.

We went out to dinner at the Roaring Lion to which Ron and Johnny couldn't stop exclaiming that the food tasted just like Oma's. Oma must be in the kitchen. Good thing too, because we were ravenous.