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Day 1: Amsterdam Schipol to Enkhuizen - 96 km

Written on: Saturday June 19th, 2010

A journal entry from: Tour de Holland

After being delayed en-route from Prague and expecting to connect in Utrecht to get to Amsterdam Schipol (airport), I stayed on the train I was taking (by default because I fell asleep) and fortunately ended up at Amsterdam Centraal Station. In a hurry to catch the first connection to Schipol I rushed to buy a ticket, only to find that my credit card and debit card did not work on the ticketing machines. After handing a bunch of euros to a nice lady, I was finally on my way to meet the rest of the 'van der Marels' - 2 hrs late.

I arrived at the airport to Johnny calling my name, 6 assembled bikes and expectant faces. Joel pulled through and graciously transported my bike from Vancouver to its current destination. We quickly changed into cycling gear, filled some water bottles, stuffed the rest of our clothes in the rental car and started pedaling.

Navigating out of the airport to some more direct bike paths took some patience and after Johnny nearly got smoked by an oncoming scooter and then by a skinny car (these are allowed on the bike paths), we felt good about our ability to survive cycling in Holland. Route finding was clearly going to be an initial challenge but a little meandering didn't bother us much as we were excited to be in the saddle. 

We were headed north which meant a constant head wind off the North Sea and we encountered some rain showers. After being 'wayward' and Curtis getting a flat tire, and us setting the rule that a flat tire costs a round of beer, we found ourselves cycling among the dykes and farm fields. We finally arrived in Enkhuizen where Joel had found our accommodation for the night. Enkhuizen is a moated town and we arrived to our home above a bar that was playing live music. We went out to dinner to which Ron and Johnny couldn't stop exclaiming that the food tasted just like Oma's. Oma must be in the kitchen. Good thing too, because we were ravenous.