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Vienna then Prague

Written on: Wednesday June 16th, 2010

A journal entry from: Adriatic to Amsterdam

We were sad to leave the Croatian coast but excited for Prague. We were able to catch a direct train to Vienna from Rijeka which we did in order to bypass Ljubljana. Vienna was a shock to our system: cold and rainy! Again we found ourselves in an overpriced hostel, this time in separated dorms. Luckily there was no one sharing Tamsin's room and I moved in there for the night. In the morning we toured around for a while but were anxious to get on to Prague.

Prague was a huge contrast! Sunny and warm again with a much friendlier, mellow atmosphere. Having booked here in advanced we meandered until we found the bed and breakfast. We took a jog through the park and gardens which provided a nice vista of the city. That evening we had our best meal yet: we found a tiny restaurant that opened onto the street and enjoyed some roasted duck with dumplings and goulash - all traditional Czech fare.

In the morning we walked over to the castle, near our place and were fortunate to find a Czech-loving tour guide to give us a private tour of the Prague Castle, parliament buidlings and cathedral. We then walked down over Charles bridge and admired the rest of the city. The old gothic architecture was fantastic and in the old town square they had set up video screens to watch Germany play in the world cup. Quite the festive atmosphere. We saw all the major sights including Wenceslas Square before we unfortunately had to depart company. My next step is to take a night train to Amsterdam and meet the bike group. Tamsin will go to Paris and then back to England to see where her family is from in Torquay (www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/skirT/).