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Lukovo, Jablanac

Written on: Tuesday June 15th, 2010

A journal entry from: Adriatic to Amsterdam

From Rijeka we rented a car for two days and followed the road down the coast to the tiny villages of Lukovo and then Jablanac. This is more like it! Lukovo was a stunning small town down a steep, narrow, windy mt road to the ocean. The water was a crisp azure and there were only a couple other people on the beach. In Jablanac we arrived at an alpine hut which is almost down by sea level. In order to stay here cheap, we had to become members of the Croatian Mountaineering Association. The caretaker, Mijo, also spoke broken German and told us much about the history of the area, the national park, his hometown where he makes great white wine, his sons (1 doctor, 1 crime policeman), and his big obsession at the moment: soccer. The 2010 Fifa world cup is on in South Africa.

After a beautiful sunset we had a great night's sleep and woke the next morning to go up early into Sjeverni Velebit National Park. From our vantage at the coast, we hadn't imagined such high mountains upland. The views were incredible and gave us a new perspective on Croatia's geographical richness. Later that afternoon we entered a fjord which was a seaside part of the national park. We cooked our own meal tonight of omellette and salad and settled in for some of Mijo's white wine and conversation.