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Written on: Sunday June 13th, 2010

A journal entry from: Adriatic to Amsterdam

We arrived in Rijeka in the late afternoon and were instantly struck that this industrial port town was a far cry from the idyllic Croatia we were used to. Since it was a Sunday, we were not able to rent a car and for the first time found ourselves wondering where to stay for the night. An old man approached us eventually, noticing our confused appearance and proceeded to invite us, in broken German, to what we thought would be another guesthaus. We were wrong and growing increasingly uneasy as he took us in a cab to a sketchy, grimy looking apartment building. After being completely made uneasy by the room he wanted to offer us that was dark, dingy with a faded picture of the Mona Lisa on the wall and where other tourists had surely met their doom, we hiked back into the town centre and played safe. Our first hostel experience. It was by far the most expensive accommodation thus far and the rooms were extremely hot. But we ordered in some tasty food and spent some moments checking the internet for the first time in a week.