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London, Dubrovnik, Korcula

Written on: Tuesday June 8th, 2010

A journal entry from: Adriatic to Amsterdam

Arrived safe in London on June 5th, after a long flight from Vancouver. We had a 6-hr lazover and decided to take a trip in to London Bridge with the train. Neither of us had slept since our 4-hr sleep in Prince George so we strolled around and found a sunnz patch of grass to laz down in. Amidst the sound of 3 sets of bells tolling and traffic and a jackhammer, I was managing just fine to fall asleep but Tamsin wasnćt. So we got up, and walked along the Thames a while before heading back to Gatwick airport. From there we flew to Dubrovnik, Croatia with a discount airline called Easzjet. After standing in queue, for tickets, securitz, customs etc. we decided against joining the throngs to board the plane. Little did we know that there is no assigned seating on Easzjet flights, rather a dog-eat-dog policz. We didnćt sit together (just behind) but it didnćt matter since we both passed out all the waz to Croatia.

Upon arrival were picked up by Danika, from the gasthaus where we were stazing. Dubrovnik is beautiful with a strong Italian and mediterranean influence. We had a sweet view of the city from our balcony - we sat out for a while to watch the sun set and then city lights come on, then sank into a well-needed sleep.

The next day we spent the morning at the beach and then took a bus up the coast to Orebic and then across a ferry to Korcula. Finding accommodation is easy! There are a dozen people to greet you at the bus station or ferry terminals and in keeping with Dubrovnik, rooms are clean, comfortable, breezy and ideally located. And cheap!

There is quite the sailing/yacht (and windsfurfing) scene along this coast - whites and stripes are fashionable. We rented bicycles to tour the island although Tamsin wasn't feeling great. After visiting an amazing beach we climbed into the mountains, drank the most expensive Fanta on the planet and then cruised back along the shoreline to town. This will be my only time on a bike until the Holland trip. . .

The narrow cobbled alleyways of old Korcula are very charming and again we are being graced with an amazing sunset. Nights have been warm and we went out to enjoy a bottle of local wine down by the water.


From David W. on Jun 9th, 2010

Sweet London pic brah! Nice that you guys could get out of the airport. Windsurfing Croatia? Sounds pretty good! Cheers *Keep up the posts!

From Erin on Jun 10th, 2010

Tamsin, it looks so warm in the ocean. Enjoy the sun! Happy travels you two!

From Ingrid on Jun 15th, 2010

So nice to get your news! It sounds like a super trip. Would love to see MORE pictures. (It is obvious that the keyboard over there is different!) Have fun!