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Keep on keepin' on; Moab and beyond.

Written on: Sunday May 24th, 2009

A journal entry from: Great American Roadtrip

Joel and I had been planning a climbing/mt biking trip to Moab, Utah for a while. While we were there we found that the mt biking was so spectacular that we sidelined the climbing component of our roadtrip. We added some explorations of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. After exhausting the epic trails in the Moab area, we headed north to Jackson, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, Wyomming. The good single track continued when we visited Erin outside of Waterton Lakes N.P., Alberta and then friends in Fernie, BC. All in all, 8 days of wicked trails + 2 driving days. These are the pictures of our travels across the states of Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyomming, Montana and the provinces of Alberta and BC. Enjoy!


Trail rating:

#1: Porcupine Rim trail from Hazard County trailhead, Moab, UT. *****

#2: Sand Flats Slickrock trail, Moab, UT (2X). ****

#3: Dem Bones descent in Fernie, BC. ***

#4: Putt-putt trail in Jackson, WY. ***

#5: Crandall Lake trail in Waterton Lakes, N.P., AB. ***

#6: Grind up Signal Mt., Grand Tetons N.P., WY. *


Best wildlife sitings:

#1: Bison herds in Yellowstone, N.P.

#2: Ferruginous hawk outside of Augusta, Montana.

 #3: Other notables: Sandhill cranes, common crane, elk +, pronghorn +, bears +.


Best sunsets:

#1: "Big Sky" in Montana.

#2: Sand Flats campground in Utah.

#3: Jackson Lake, Grand Teton N.P.


Other good times:

Poaching campsites and rest areas for free; Trout Slayer beer; partying with staff at Grand Tetons N.P; visiting Erin and her homies; FROLF in Fernie; the near tornado accident near Price, UT. 


From Bra on Dec 28th, 2009