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Part 2: Ton Sai

Written on: Wednesday January 30th, 2008

A journal entry from: Thailand 2008

After Koh Samed we took a night bus south to Krabi. The original plan was to climb for a few days and then rent some sea kayaks for a few days and bum around various islands. After a day of swimming with jellyfish when we got there and having to pour vinegar over ourselves to ease the burns, we found the climbing in Ton Sai so enjoyable, and the people so great, that we decided to stay for the entire 8 days. And i think i climbed every day except one. that one day i ventured up a mountain where i heard that there was a secret lagoon. after climbing for 3 hrs with chris (UK) and Andy (South Africa) we finally got down this huge cliff hole in the mountain to this lagoon. we also found a man living in a cave down there, which was creepy but cool. he had candles and fruit everywhere and a hammock and a stick that he used to hit the stalactites and make music.

i took a lead climbing course on the second day i was there. lead climbing is scary and essentially means that you clip in your safety line as you climb, instead of being anchored to the top of a route. it also means that as you climb past your bolts to the next one, you are exposed and prone to falling double the distance (first back down to the bolt and then past the bolt to take up the slack in the rope). over the course of the week i lead climbed a 6a+ (5.10b) called banana hammock and managed to top rope a 6b+ (5.11a). at night all the climbers would gather at Sawadee, the climbing bar and play on the slackline or have huge games of beach volleyball. Ton Sai was pretty special and it was hard to leave all the good people i had met there. KT and i said our goodbyes and took the nightbus back to BKK. my flight was early the next morning.

The end.