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Part 1: Bankok - Pai - Koh Samed

Written on: Sunday January 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: Thailand 2008

Well I'm back in Canada but Thailand deserves a decent blog so I've added some text to this site.

I arrived in Bangkok on January 3rd after being delayed in Chicago for a day due to snow and mechanical issues (I didn't want to know). We sat in the plane for 2 hrs as they were defrosting the wings and then the curfew past for arrivals in Tokyo so they sent us to the Hyatt Hotel which was nice. We got food vouchers and rooms. i had a king sized bed with 8 pillows. cushy.

The next day we flew and the coolest part was sunrise over the Yukon-Alaska border. There was one huge mountain which i am sure must be Logan or McKinley. it was hard to tell where exactly we were flying. i watched all six in flight movies. i got to Bangkok near midnight on January 3rd and had to wait a bit for KT to get there. later i was leaning up against a pillar and didn't notice that she was right next to me. it was great to see her again after 3 months and we took a cab to her sister's place.

 Her sister had an amazing condo near Phra Kanong in Bangkok. The city is amazing because of its vastness, the amount of technology and 'stuff' you can get there, and how cheap everything is. a good meal can cost as little as 40 Baht which is about $1.25. We explored the city the first day i was there, went along the river in a boat, took an elevator up the hilton to see the city (or part of it), went to Wat Po to see the statue of the giant recling Buddha and went to Khao San Road, otherwise known as backpackers paradise.

 The next day we took the train up 3 hrs north (for 15 B) to Ayatthuya where the old city used to be with all its ruins. i was seeing my fill of ruins which is why we later decided not to go to Cambodia to see the ruins (Angkor Wat) there. at the ruins we ran into a school group who thought that i was a celebrity or something. ihad to take my picture with each of them.

The following day we were back at the train station to take the night train north to Chiang Mai. The night train was exhilirating and really really fun. KT and I had a bunk and the bottom had a huge window that you could open completely and hang out the side of the train. the warm night air and sunset and sights made it a wicked trip. Chiang Mai was another busy city with more Wats (temples) so we decided to take a bus north to Pai, a small hippy town in the mountains. there we rented a bungalow and motorcycles and cruised around the countryside. it was beautiful, sunny and the people we met there were friendly. then we found out that a canadian had been shot there the night before we arrived. details. we also went to check out the pai canyon, a feat of erosion with gnarly trails that you could scramble along.

eventually we had to head south again to Mae Taeng since i had a bar of chocolate to deliver to an intentional community there (www.panyaproject.org). we lucked out on a truck ride after trying to hitchhike for 1/2 an hour and it took us straight there. they were in the midst of doing work with adobe bricks which we helped flip for an afternoon. in the permaculture orchards they had bananas, passion fruit, pineapple and everything else tropical. that night we slept in an open air loft, under a pile of ratty blankets (neither of us had sleeping bags), with a beauty view of the orchards and the valley and the starry night sky.

we arrived back in bangkok in time to join KT's sister, Jenn on a trip to Koh Samed, an island in the Gulf of Thailand. We spent a weekend there with her and her friend Denai, a half Thail-Scottish dude that is a tennis instructor at the international school. Koh Samed was hot and sunny with a lot of tourists. It was the only hard partying we did but the island is a national park


From David W. on Jan 14th, 2008

Cool man! Looks nice, hope you're enjoying it. Taker easy!