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Leg 5 [Duinker time: Heli flight + golf + Cheeseman P.P.]

Written on: Wednesday August 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Newfoundland 2007

We had some meetings arranged for when Duinker came but he was more interested in getting us up into a helicopter. Keith had never flown in one before so it was kinda exciting. We had a Bell Longranger and an informative pilot. We did one swoop over the mink farm at Cox's Cove and then took a flight down the coast, over Lewis Hills and Corner Brook and back to Pasadena.

Our time with our supervisor involved a lot of beer and scotch and card games. Grad school is amazing. The next day we drove down to Port-aux-Basques and after a long walk around town ate some dins and settled in our hotel room (more drinking and cards of course). The next day we drove out to St. Andrews to play golf which was my first 9 holes. And shit was I a terrible golfer. But being a good sport I persisted and we had a lot of fun. Keith got a lobster tan, meaning he got terribly burnt and the day was hot. We drove back towards the ferry terminal and stopped in at Cheeseman P.P. Despite the odd name, the park has fantastic sand dunes and we went for a swim and explored.

Our ferry was to depart at 6:00pm so we arrived at 5:00 as we had been told. Turns out we didn't depart until 8:30pm and couldn't unload in North Sydney until 4:30am. So we decided to press through to Halifax instead of taking our hotel room. Leaving Newfoundland was bittersweet as the experiences and people there were quite memorable. I am sure you'll agree from the pictures that Newfoundland is definitely worth a visit, and in my case, possibly a few more.