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[210 km bike + Gros Morne N.P.]

Written on: Thursday July 26th, 2007

A journal entry from: Newfoundland 2007

So this is the second time I am sitting down to write this blog entry. I had the entire thing done and then my internet connection crashed. Bummer. But basically we had to leave our rooms in Corner Brook because the college was booked for a conference. Keith and I had early on decided to take these 5 or so days and stay in Gros Morne. Pete wanted to do a bike ride so he and Ryan, Sheldon and I drove up early to Rocky Harbour, unloaded our bikes and rode up the North Peninsula with our road bikes. It was a gorgeous day and after leaving Ryan 1 at km 90, and almost leaving Sheldon at km 180 (where he saw Santa Claus), we completed a staggering 210 km which is my longest day ride to date. We had a spectacular tail wind and averaged just below 32 kph the entire way. Sachi was amazing and picked us up at the end at which point everyone crashed in the truck. Pete and Ryan and Sheldon headed back to CB and Sachi and I met with Keith who had been warding off squirrels and wasps at our campsite for 7 hours alone.

The next day we hiked into the Green Gardens which host some sweet sea stacks, lava pillows and a big sea grotto. The weather was hot and while we were beach combing, Sachi had been tipped off to this waterfall that formed pools of water suitable for swimming. We followed the brook and falls up through several pools and the last was the largest. We basked and bathed and spent a chill afternoon. This fortunately made up for the sleepless night we had as the camp sites were on the coast and host to gale-force winds. We had a weary hike out and headed to Berry Hill Campground for that night.

Berry Hill was a boring site but there was a small buffer of forest between our site and an access road. A cow moose and her calf were in this little patch and cars began to accumulate on the road. People got out to take pictures which effectively drove the moose into our campsite. Keith was scared so he got in the back of the truck. It was pretty cool.

The next day I still hadn't satisfied my need for exercise so we decided to climb Gros Morne mountain which at a staggering 806 m is the second highest point in Newfoundland. The hike was strenuous and Keith later confided that at points he desperately wanted to kill me. The view from the top was worth the climb however I was disapointed not to have seen caribou during our stay in the park. This must be a reason to come back.

We spent one more night in Gros Morne before heading to Deer Lake on the 26th to pick up our supervisor Dr. Peter Duinker.


From David on Aug 1st, 2007

Yet again, amazing pictures. Man that moose was close, pretty cool!