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[Witless Bay Ecological Reserve]

Written on: Sunday June 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: Newfoundland 2007

On our last day in St. John's we decided to drive south to Bay Bulls and go on a boat tour. Maria, Ben, Keith and I took a tour with Gatherall's on their giant "fast" catamaran; I made sure to take two Gravol before the trip to 'take the edge off.' We didn't see any whales on the trip but the puffins were cool. Keith thought they were larger, like flamingo size, but they're about the size of my foot. There is a murre colony out there as well which is great because when you're cruising over the water, there's all these birds literally flying out of the water. The murres can reach depths up to 500ft and sometimes they eat so much that they bump over the waves and try to launch themselves off them; like a little kicker. We also saw kitiwakes, gulls as well as having some trad Newfie tunes sung at us. Oh, and there was another iceberg which we had the chance to get right up to with the boat. All in all, a whale of a time . . . without the whales.