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Leg 2 [Cape Shore Loop + Irish Loop]

Written on: Saturday June 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: Newfoundland 2007

Keith, Ben and I left St. John's and headed down to Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve. There is a huge gannet colony on this rock out in the ocean. Besides the gannets there are also murres and gulls nesting on all the cliffs; very impressive. We continued around the shore loop across the barrens until we found a 'campsite' at Red Head River. The truck decided to take us down an ATV track to an amazing rock bar at the mouth of the river. Built Ford tough.

The next day we continued down the Irish loop, picked up a hitchhiker and went to check out the lighthouse at Cape Race. This is where the first distress signal from the Titanic was intercepted. The lighthouse is huge and it was intensely windy. We met one of the original amateur radio technicians that was asked by the Government of Canada (1938) to come to Canada and work at the lighthouse. This point belonged to the Dominion even before NL joined in '49.

The next stop was our camp for the night at Chance's Cove Provincial Park. This is a beautiful spot with a freshwater lake (pond) dumping into the ocean behind another rock bar. We even found a sandy beach. We had been warned that this area could be a little rough due to locals partying on weekends but we essentially had the whole place to ourselves with a stellar view of the ocean.

Lastly we drove up to LaManche P.P. to check out a portion of the East Coast Trail. There is a large suspension bridge at the site where the old village of LaManche used to be. Beauty weather (27 degrees).


From David on Jun 19th, 2007

Hey, pretty amazing pictures dude!