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If I had a million dollars...

Written on: Sunday May 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Canada 2007

Only a short while ago I was feeling pretty miserable and wondering how long it would be before I was happy again.  And then today I was walking down the street to work, singing to myself in the sunshine and I realised I felt great!   It's funny how something you think should be making you happy actually doesn't and it's only when it's not there anymore that you realise how shit it was making you feel.  (Hindsight being a wonderful thing 'n all that).

I've had more consistent fun and met more people and been more relaxed in the last three weeks than I've had the entire time I've been in Canada.  The weather is getting gorgeous, work is insanely busy but a really good laugh now I'm getting to know my collegues better and my bosses are really appreciative of me.  My friends over here are making sure I've been kept too distracted to be heartbroken - it's true what they say about Canadians being some of the nicest people in the world - plus a whole heap of fittie single Canadian chaps have suddenly appeared (were they hibernating with the bears all winter?) so I know that at some point in the future, the phrase 'plenty more fish in the sea' will be applicable (I'm eternally optomistic that one day I'll make a good choice!)

A bunch of us drove out to East Sooke last Friday night to a friend of a friends cabin in the woods on the edge of the ocean (the lagoon part) absolutely gorgeous, for a BBQ/fire on the beach which turned into boardgame playing until the early hours (Cranium is hilarious after a few bevvies btw).  Apart from only getting one hours sleep (after sharing a room with the loudest snorer in the world) it was a great night.  Weekends here are awesome, everyone buys a bunch of food n booze, jumps in the truck/car and heads up island somewhere (beach/lake/mountain).  This weekend is a long one (public holiday Monday, they celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday) so we're driving up to Lake Cowichan, to sit in inflatable tubes and float down the river with beers and food (and more camping out).

I was over at a work friends place last night and she was telling me how much she admired the way I'd up-sticks and moved so far away and set up a brand new life all in the space of 4 months.  I realised it's partly because I've been made to feel so at home here.  I'm begining to feel like I've found a place I could really put down roots.  Vancouver Island is so beautiful and has everything I would want out of a place to settle down plus the quality of life over here is awesome.  Of course there are still things which drive me bonkers and I would miss the UK in many ways but right now I'm working out plans to stay out here as long as possible!  (I don't know what I'm going to do if my visa doesn't get extended, short of growing a beard and moving out into the wilderness with the beavers...)

Oh, yay and I finally got a car!  (Freedom...)  It's an old banger (what else would I get?) but runs nicely and even has an electric sun-roof and a kicking stereo system.  So if I hear funny noises I'll simply up the volume ;)  Her name is Donna-Jo and together we are Queens of the road!

Ok will blog again soon, loadsalove, R x