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"I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain..."

Written on: Tuesday May 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Canada 2007

I used to blog like crazy (I've always loved writing) but lately that thing called life has got me bogged down in all the unimportant shit, you know how it goes.  Anyways, I've realised how much I've missed it and how un-me I've become in recent months.  I forgot to be true to myself and about all the real reasons one goes travelling or moves somewhere to experience a new culture.

To follow love across the Atlantic was a big (brave?  foolhardy?  typically headstrong me?) thing to do.  On one hand it opened me up to new opportunities and adventures but on the flipside I've spent the best part of my time here focusing on a relationship which has been blinkering me to the real value of things. 

Not to go too deep into it (it's still pretty raw and painful) but the expectations I had weren't matched by the reality of it.  He made promises he wasn't able or ready to keep.  What do you take from that?  Do you cry and fall apart at the unfairness of it all, of the hurt at being stranded in a foreign country far from your family and friends?  (Ok, a small part of me wants to do this but do you blame me?!).  Or do you look at the positives that could come from it: Young, single, free from ties, the world is my oyster.

So, here are the new and improved Adventures in Ruthworld... enjoy ;)