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From: Calgary, AB, Canada

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I am a committed environmentalist, seeking to change the way people see the world, as well as their habits, to create a culture and an environment that leaves a rich and beautiful legacy for my children, their children, and their children's children. Yes, I am an idealist, and always will be. But, I have the ability to change my perspective in a moment, and see the world through my adversary's eyes. I love my family more than I can say, and my friends bring joy, adventure, and a passion for life to my experiences.

I am newly married to an oil and gas engineer in Calgary, and I am a business student, soon to be graduated! My heritage is part Danish and part mutt:) I hope to someday travel to Denmark and visit my long lost and distant relatives and learn about my great-grand parents and their life in Denmark. I am someone who enjoys exercise, adventure, creativity, cooking, baking, writing, and singing. I was educated my whole life at a Waldorf school (google it) in California and recently moved to Calgary to be with my soul-mate.