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Written on: Wednesday March 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: Getting Ready for South East Asia

oh wow!

i cannot wait to fucking leave school for a whole year and a half! i leave for Quesnel with my wonderful girl, my burly guitar and my big black boots on may 5th. its going to be soothing and simple.

we're going to live in south quesnel, in an old country house or something.

internet is a pain the ass, so i don't know about the amount of entries i'll be posting.

hopefully, my best good friend bryan (the creator of this lovely site) will be spending some time up there too.

When i'm not on fires I'm going to be writing more music, which i'll do my best to give to anyone who wants it,

brewing beer and wine,

and experimenting with acrylics and water colours.

I suck balls at painting,

so we'll see how it goes. i'm just trying really fucking hard to get out of my moleskine in terms of art right now though.... NAH MEEN?

anyway, not to much other than that.

i have a rant on existentialism that i wrote that i may post, but i'm a bit emabarassed, so we'll see.



From Bryan Rite on Mar 22nd, 2007

post it.... ps. lovely ayako photos.

From avril on Apr 11th, 2007

hi rupert! xoxo

From Karim on May 18th, 2007

You look good