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work and play

Written on: Monday February 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: Getting Ready for South East Asia

Why do we have so much work to do?

I'm doing an assignment for school that is downright amazing.
it is very hard
it requires me to be meticulous.
i suck balls at being meticulous

it requires me to go out and find answers to questions that i don't have an interest in

it's value?

well, before i answer that i'm going to talk about a specific strength of mine: vision.

I'm a really visionary guy, and everyone always says i have great ideas, be it my input in this website, Students for a Free Tibet or visual and musical art projekts. a HUGE weakness of mine is follow through. my problem is that I'm already excited about the next great idea before i've put the current one into motion.

(cole >> the land!!)

so back to my assignment....

maybe this assignment, whose details i won't i won't bore you with, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

personal development is the most CATHARTIC thing in the entire world. Here i am though, stuggling along and being forced to follow through on this and actually learning so so so much.

when people say "you're your own worst critic", i think in my case that is bullshit.

never just stick to what you're good at. I'll post my mark on this bitch to let whoever is interested know how my "follow through" ended up.


PS it should be noted that I'm THE GUY to talk to about nouvelle culture around vancouver.
my iPOD: brand new - unreleased/ stolen demos - lyrically fantastic
                  brand new - the devil and god are raging inside of me - derivative from "me vs. maradonna vs. elvis" in a good way (alan)
                  Peter Bjorn And John - writers block - if you love the beatles' album "love me do" then you're in for a treat (bry)
                  the slip - eisenhower - good

my wall: Andrew Pommier and micheal sieben are fucking fantastic. google their names.  andrewpommier.com  msieben.com
                 Pete Thomas is some of the closest personally relatable work that i'm perusing right now - you can see him at the aiden gallery in        tinsel town.
                 Also check out good 'ol justin bua - visible on any wall of any res building in western north america.

if you read all this i probably love you.


From Danba on Feb 5th, 2007

hey robbie, sounds good! you are an ideas man. i wanna know about the follow-through!

From Jen on Feb 25th, 2007

Hmmm, maybe check that place in Spain out one day, but I think I've overdone Spain (been there 3x in the past year and a half). Now I am obsessed with Eastern Europe... tossing up Romania vs. Lithuania/Latvia for next holidays... hmmm...

From Robbie on Mar 21st, 2007

Ya i got a 75%. kind of a bummer, but meh. at least i handed it in! haha