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Written on: Wednesday October 10th, 2007

Wow! I think Bangkok is so spectacular because its many travellers first taste of asia (especially travellers from canada, the UK and australia it seems). My first steps out of the airport after almost 22 hours of flight were wet and hot. it wasn't raining, but it was super humid and thick. We caught a cab to the Khao San area, but decided to stay on Ram Buttri which is a little side street. Ram Buttri is actually super cool and has its own complement of restaurants and guest houses. Khao San is only a two minute walk, and prices are lower on Ram Buttri. We stayed at the Wild Orchid Guest house. it was clean and the staff were gnarley.

              We spent most of our days speculating with other travelers where to go next and our nights very drunk on CHANG CHANG CHANG!