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It has begun

Written on: Thursday October 4th, 2007

A journal entry from: Getting Ready for South East Asia

OK. I'm here. the trip to South east asia has begun. it all started with some beers with one of my best friends Gavin Holland. www.gavintheglassman.ca

We did the drinking and sitting thing until about midnight. we talked about the wedding, his role in it (groomsman), Ayako (basically how Gav thinks I'm the luckiest man in the world, a recurring theme of the evening...) and his business (follow the link above). We ended up following a great friend (Stu Macdonald) to see a show in the Spirit Lounge. It was a black black woman with a big big fro singing about love love love. i can't say it any other way. gavin and i danced. i walked him home. he gave me two packs of beedi's and i walked myself home. i stopped at the roman catholic church and realized: this is the beginning of my trip to asia. i leave for van tomorrow, bangkok by tuesday. It has begun.


From Bryan Rite on Oct 10th, 2007

I love you. Enjoy.