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Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Written on: Friday June 29th, 2007

A journal entry from: Trippin' over Euroland

Today Sab and i hopped on an airplane at Kingsford Smith Airport Sydney at around 2:30. Departures with mum, dad and Sab's bf Joe were sweet as we hung around the airport for a bit taking happy snaps and looking ever so terrible in them.

We had a long flight ahead of us, from Sydney to our transit destination which would be Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Flight time was around 7-8 hours long, it was quite a pleasant flight with Malaysian airlines. The plane ride was fine, there was a good selection of inflight entertainment and the service was fantastic. We were fed almost every 2 hours, unlike other aircrafts, these air hostesses would wake you up to ensure that you ate, they'd also tuck you in if they see that your blanket had fallen off.

1 movie, 2 meals, 2 snacks,1 hour of my ipod and several sitcoms later we landed in KL. After feeling as though we had just had botox injections, we endeavoured to explore the airport that won "best airport of the year in 2005". The airport was a work of art, however some airconditioning wouldnt have gone astray. It was around 30 degrees, coming from endless rain in shiverring Sydney over the last month, it was quite a climate change to the humid stickiness of Malaysian weather.

We freashened up, sat down and i attempted to use my very limited bilingual ability as i ordered 2 ice mochas in a language from a land that i departed from 20 years ago. Good times! Random photos and a quick internet update later, we headed towards the departure gates to embark on another plane ride. This time it was for 12 hours. At this point Sabs was still feeling super motion sick. As we passed through the gates, the officers asked if we were locals going to London to work... didnt know if that was an insult or a compliment...

The 12 hour ride did not seem as long as expected, thats probably due to me forcing myself to sleep so that i wouldnt be jet lagged once we touched down at Heathrow airport London. We were fed again, i dont think i have ever consumed so much airplane food. I also found that its true what they say about throwing back some alcohol when flying. After "dinner + some wine" i suppose (was pretty hard to determine what meal we were having after 23 hours of flight time) i was pretty much knocked out. Waking up with an announcement that we'd be in London in 2 hours, i was extremely excited!!!

We got to London, and waited in an uber long line just to get through boarder patrol. When we reached the tellers, we were interrogated. Rather unfriendly encounter, but it had to be done. Meanwhile, after luggage pick up we remembered that mum had checked in a box of areoplane jelly. Apparently they dont sell it in London as my aunt wanted to make Mango pudding. We were affraid that customs would pull us over, so we innocently declared the goods. The man at the counter asked us what was in the box, when we told him he had the strangest look on his face as if to say that we were insane. He chuckled and let us through of course.

Finally, plane ride aside, we walked out at the arrival gates and waiting for us was good old uncle Richard and Samantha, ready to take us back to their place in north London.