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Feb 24th 2007
goodbye party
Mar 2nd 2007 Benicasim, Spain
Mar 5th 2007
Mar 11th 2007
Modern Ways
Mar 13th 2007
Mar 16th 2007
Rio Gallegos
Mar 21st 2007
The End Of The World
Mar 29th 2007
Trekking in Torres del Paine (Chile)
Mar 30th 2007
Back to normal life in Puerto Natales
Apr 1st 2007
Ice, Ice Baby
Apr 3rd 2007
Bedbugs in Bariloche
Apr 7th 2007
Beds in Bariloche
Apr 11th 2007
Apr 16th 2007
Enotourism in Mendoza
Apr 20th 2007
Does size matter?
Apr 22nd 2007
"Off-the-beaten-track" in Barreal
Apr 26th 2007
San Juan
Apr 28th 2007
Apr 30th 2007
Curves and Colours of Cafayate
May 4th 2007
May 5th 2007
"Off-the-beaten-track" in Cachi
May 7th 2007
May 10th 2007
"Terra Incognita"
May 12th 2007
¡Hola Bolivia!
May 15th 2007
¡Adiós Bolivia!
May 16th 2007 Arica, Chile
May 17th 2007
His name was "El gringo"....
May 18th 2007
May 22nd 2007
Meeting Mick and Trish in Chivay
May 25th 2007
Hiking in Cabanaconde
May 28th 2007
Happy birthday to me
Jun 1st 2007
Pisco, Islas Ballestas
Jun 2nd 2007 Lima
Jun 5th 2007
Jun 8th 2007
Almost like a holiday
Jun 10th 2007 Huancayo
Jun 12th 2007
Getting old?
Jun 16th 2007
Going religious in Cuzco?
Jun 19th 2007
Jun 20th 2007
Machu Picchu
Jun 22nd 2007
Las Islas Flotantes
Jun 23rd 2007
Back to Boilivia
Jun 25th 2007
Geri in La Paz
Jun 27th 2007
Raverinkie tours: Salar d’Uyuni, Bolivia
Jun 30th 2007
Airport La Paz
Jul 5th 2007
"Fishing is boring...."
Jul 7th 2007
Capybara love in the Pampas
Jul 13th 2007
"High Life"
Jul 16th 2007
Santa Cruz
Jul 20th 2007
San Jose de Chiquitos
Jul 23rd 2007 Going to Brazil
Jul 27th 2007
Not snorkeling in Bonito
Jul 28th 2007
Not going to the Pantanal
Aug 1st 2007
Hazes in Cuiabá
Aug 4th 2007
Chapada dos Guimarães
Aug 8th 2007
Learn Brazilian Portuguese in just four steps!
Aug 11th 2007
Aug 15th 2007
Rum on the Amazone
Aug 19th 2007
"The Caribbean of the Amazon"
Aug 24th 2007
Reality check
Aug 28th 2007
Sep 1st 2007
A picture says less....
Sep 11th 2007
São Luis
Sep 14th 2007
Morro Branco: Crowded or deserted?
Sep 16th 2007
Canoa Quebrada
Sep 20th 2007
Fabiam’s Brazilian adventure: Ponte Negra
Sep 23rd 2007
Fabiam’s Brazilian adventure: Pipa
Sep 25th 2007
Fabiam’s Brazilian adventure: João Pessoa
Sep 26th 2007
Fabiam’s Brazilian adventure: Jacumã
Sep 28th 2007
Fabiam’s Brazilian adventure: Olinda&Recife
Oct 1st 2007
Oct 3rd 2007
Hiking again!
Oct 10th 2007
"At the Copa..."
Oct 18th 2007
Bye Bye Brazil
Oct 19th 2007
Hello again, Argentina!
Oct 24th 2007
Salto Uruguay?
Oct 25th 2007
Oct 27th 2007
Punta del Diablo
Oct 30th 2007
Colonia del Sacramento
Nov 1st 2007
Buenos Aires
Nov 8th 2007
Nov 17th 2007
Manchester, U.K.
Nov 19th 2007 Bangkok
Nov 27th 2007
Tip 1 of our TipTrip: Ao Leuk, Ko Tao
Nov 30th 2007
From snorkelers to divers in just 3 days
Dec 6th 2007
"Try the Som Tam"
Dec 8th 2007
Hat Ton Sai
Dec 11th 2007
Koh Lanta
Dec 13th 2007
Happy Birthday in Koh Mook
Dec 15th 2007
Trang, waiting for train
Dec 18th 2007
De wat?
Dec 19th 2007
Angkor Wat!
Dec 22nd 2007
Dec 24th 2007
Christmas on the beach
Dec 30th 2007
Sad en new in Phnom Penh
Jan 3rd 2008
Kampong Cham
Jan 5th 2008
Jan 6th 2008
Guiding our guide in Ratanakiri province
Jan 11th 2008
e! Vietnam
Jan 13th 2008
Monday at the Markets
Jan 14th 2008
Jan 14th 2008
Lost or stolen?
Jan 22nd 2008
Mui Ne Beach
Jan 25th 2008 Dalat
Jan 28th 2008
Nha Trang
Jan 31st 2008 Hoi An
Feb 5th 2008
Feb 6th 2008
Feb 7th 2008
No New Year in Pakse
Feb 8th 2008
Don Det
Feb 13th 2008
Roy and the art of motorcycle maintenance
Feb 16th 2008
Tourists in Vientiane
Feb 20th 2008
Binge Tubing
Feb 24th 2008
Plain of Jars
Feb 26th 2008
Spooky Nam Noen
Feb 27th 2008
Vieng thong
Feb 28th 2008
Nong Kiaow
Mar 1st 2008
Luang Prabang
Mar 8th 2008
International Women's day
Mar 11th 2008
Chiang Rai
Mar 16th 2008
Chiang Mai
Mar 23rd 2008
Mar 29th 2008 Bangkok
Apr 3rd 2008
Kanchanaburi: The tour
Apr 5th 2008
Tiger Temple
Apr 7th 2008 The Philipinnes, the last new frontier
Apr 8th 2008 Dumaguete
Apr 9th 2008
Our holiday in The Philippines: Siquijor island
Apr 13th 2008
Apr 14th 2008
Apr 15th 2008
Mangos and Bamboo
Apr 17th 2008
Guimares to Boracay: a typical journey in the Philippines
Apr 22nd 2008
Apr 25th 2008
Palawan: Coron
Apr 25th 2008
Hidden Paradise
May 6th 2008
Snorkeling with whale sharks!
May 9th 2008
Journey to Panglao Island
May 12th 2008
Typhoons and tarsiers in Bohol "Jungle"
May 17th 2008
Back in Bangkok
May 21st 2008
London airport

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