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Hiking in Cabanaconde

Written on: Friday May 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Cabanaconde was our next stop in the Colca Canyon. From here we went on a 2-day hiking trip through the canyon. And although only 2 days and with a small backpack it was a tough walk.

Starting at about 3300 m. above sealevel we we´re soon descending to about 2.000 m, some 2,5 hr downhill. And the rest of the day we kept on going up and down for another 5 hours. 

The purpose of the hike was of course to see the Canyon and the little mountain villages in it. And we we´re abundantly rewarded with this. All day long we had these exceptional views of the canyon with the little villages scattered on the mountains and passing through 3 or 4. It was, again, beautiful. But still, it was hard at times.

But there was more to come. After we spend the night in a wooden hut at a place called the oasis, named so because it´s located at the bottom of the canyon next to the river with some natural swimming pools, we were facing a steep 3 hour walk up to the Cabanaconde. Starting early in the morning to avoid the heat, we we´re soon cursing ourselves and the steep ascend. Why do we do this?

And when meeting people going down I wanted to say to them: Don´t do it, don´t go down because you have to go up. But of course I said nothing. Let them feel what we we´re feeling. And besides, would they listen?

But in the end we made it back to Cabanaconde. And a few weeks later we still remember how tough it was, but mostly I remember the scenery. And if you would ask me if I would do such a hike again, I would say what I said after our 5-day hike in Torres del Paine (see earlier entry). Yes.