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Meeting Mick and Trish in Chivay

Written on: Tuesday May 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Imagine yourself on your friends wedding in Ireland and hearing they are going to South America for their honeymoon (a few days Brazil, and the rest in Peru). Imagine yourself mentioning to them that 2 of your other friends are travelling in South America at the same moment, although you don´t know where they are exactly. Imagine that the happy couple in Ireland have met these friends a few years ago on a snowboarding holiday so they know each other. Imagine yourself thinking they might run in to each other. But nah, what are the odds on that? Well, apparently in this particular case the odds turned out to be 100%.

After Arequipa we decided to go to Chivay, a small little town in the Colca Canyon, from where we wanted to explore this canyon of about 3.000 m deep. We did some cycling here, we walked about town and we bathed in the local hot springs.

And we met Mick and Trish. To be true to the Irish nature of the newlyweds we bumped in to them at the ´Irish´ bar in Chivay. We soon found out that they we´re spending the night in Chivay as well. As part of a tour group they invited us to have dinner with them. And it was a nice dinner, still filled with the surprise of actually walking in to each other. It was so nice the touristy decor (about ten big tour groups eating not so good food, listening to a band perform local songs and watching 2 people dance the local dance for us tourists) didn´t bother me at all. At least, almost not at all.