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¡Hola Bolivia!

Written on: Saturday May 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

So with leaving Argentina no more big juicy steaks for Roy.

As soon as we passed the border with Bolivia though, I saw something I realised I had been missing in Argentina: Exotic fruit juices sold on every street corner!

In beautiful Tupiza,  they had to have a party on the main square with local bands playing and local cheap drinks drunk, because some school existed 50 years or some reason. Actually, the party lasted the whole weekend...And the next, as they assured us...

On the market they didnŽt want to take our newly exchanged Bolivian bolivianos, because it was supposedly fake (fortunately, the next shop did take it, so weŽll never know if we have been deceived or not).

Then the 17-year old guide that we went horse riding with for half a day, put me on "Canela", a horse that had won running prices in the past, even in Argentina. And even though it was only about the 5th time Roy had ever been on a horse, all the boy wanted to do was take us up for a galloping "race". And we did...

Yes, we were definitely in a new country. And yes, I was definitely loving it already.