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"Terra Incognita"

Written on: Thursday May 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

One of the joyous things about travelling is the excitement of discovering new places, at least new for me that is. This feeling of excitement is the strongest when we´ve packed our bags and leave the place we called home for at least a day. At that moment there´s no turning back and just the anticipation of something new. And sometimes the anticipation of a long, uncomfortable busride, but these almost always turn out to be less uncomfortable then expected, and the scenery is almost always beautiful.

But this time when leaving our ´home´ there was not only the anticipation of the new, but also a time of saying goodbye. After just a couple of days in Humahuaca, just wandering through the little town, watching a statue representing some holy figure come out of a church at noon with hundred other tourists and a short hike in the again beautiful surrounding hills, we decided to leave Argentina. And go to Bolivia.

Although saying goodbye can be sad, there´s also a good thing about it. And that is that you can go back and have the excitement of going back to things you know and like. And because we´ll be back in Argentina in a couple of months I know there will be one thing I like to see again: these big, red, juicy steaks they serve there. (And because we´re already a couple of weeks travelling, and eating, in Bolivia and Peru I know that´s all the more true.)



P.S. 1 Because we´re behind with updating our stories, this story is actually about something a few weeks ago. But since I wrote it halfway anyway, I thought i just as well might finish it. More recent stories to follow soon this time.

P.S. 2 As always more pictures at www.ingeping.nl