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Written on: Saturday April 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

As in San juan we didnīt do much in Cordoba. We wandered the streets a little, looking for the colonial past of this university city, and had a good night out.

We were planning to stay a little longer and do some daytrips to neighbouring towns, but in the end stayed there for only 2 nights. This was mainly due to a problem we more often have in Argentina: the lack of enough double rooms in hostels for a reasonable price.

While we were initially told that we could stay for a while in the hostel we were staying at, we were told on saturday night that we had to check out on sunday because of some internet reservation. This made us hate those people again who know days in advance where they will be going to and know how to use the internet and giving us a hard time finding a good bed at times.

But because we also wanted to escape the Argentine cities, we were happy with it in the end and we went somewhere else, somewhere north.