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"Off-the-beaten-track" in Barreal

Written on: Sunday April 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Our travels in the south of Argentine have been more like one big organised tour, then really backpacking: We kept going from highlight to highlight. Even though they were HIGHlights and really worth visiting (with for me the hike in Torres del Paine as the highlight of highlights), we got sort of sick of seeing the same people everywhere and having to take tours to the main attractions, as there was no other way of seeing them. The problem in the south is that there is just nothing in between.

We had tried to do something different in Malargüe- and managed- and we tried again now in the small and not easily reachable town of Barreal- and completely failed.

There was literally nothing there, even the supermarket was closed as the owner (the same one that owned our hostal) was on holiday. To our surprise there was an Internet cafe, full with kids playing computers games, but no Internet, as they hadnīt paid the bill. The one thing that was there supposedly, was a great view of five of some of the highest mountains of the Andes, and the Aconcagua on the left, but we had three days of bad weather, so no view.

The Monday bus broke down, the Tuesday bus didnīt exist and the other type of transport out of there was full, but Wednesday we finally managed to find some transport. Nevertheless we had a good time, we got experienced shithead-players and now have 7 finished books to exchange. Besides, the day we left the weather cleared up, and we got the great views of the surrounding Andes, where we came to Barreal for, just before our "remise" brought us back to civilisation.