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Written on: Wednesday April 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

The last few months at home, with the help of National Geographic Channel, I developed some kind of interest in volcanoes. So when Ingrid and I were about to set off to Reserva Provincial La Payunia, which boasts about 800 hundred of these things, I was excited.

This time again, as nothing is near in Argentina, we couldn't get there on our own, so we had to book a tour. Our means of transport for this trip was an old Volkswagen van. And although this vehicle wasn't really suited for the bumpy gravelroads we were travelling, the 4 hour trip there was quite scenic. The Andes was rising to our right and on our left we soon saw some volcanoes, although the latter still a bit small.

After a brief stop at a river cutting through volcanic rock and crossing some more mountainous landscape filled with hundreds of oil rigs, we at last entered the park. And soon the landscape got unreal, or surreal, or otherworldly, or I don't know what words to use as it was something I hadn't seen before. Instead of the classic volcano cones you normally see on pictures and tv and the ones I had expected, these volcanoes (except the one you can see on the pictures here or at mijnalbum.nl) where of a different kind. They were like giant, black, unfolded ant hills, dotted everywhere as far as your eyes could see.

And I was struck by the total uninhabitableness of it. I was so struck that I actually started to feel a little uncomfortable being there. It was just so desolate, so black, so beautiful in a beautiful yet not so beautiful but different way, just so all around and overwhelming that it moved me. It moved me in to feeling a little bit sad. And being happy for seeing it. It made me realize how one's surroundings can affect one's state of mind. At least my mind. It made me feel all different kind of things.

It was a trip well worth the long hours in this uncomfortable van.





From robin on Apr 20th, 2007

great pictures.. wish i was there

From robin on Apr 20th, 2007

well, after tomorrow that is. Or maybe in a week or two.

From geri on Apr 20th, 2007

en weer wow!

From Ing&Roy on Apr 20th, 2007

We wisten dat Geri binnenkort meekomt, maar Robin over 2 weken is nieuw voor ons, leuk!

From Janke on Apr 21st, 2007

In south America it appears,one does not receive messages from Janke's Phone!!?? But that doesn't really matter with these surroundings.. Man, it's so beautifull!! Not that I've seen the pictures here, but just Roy's description was quite enough...

From Fabian on Apr 28th, 2007

the comment is even better roy!