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Bedbugs in Bariloche

Written on: Tuesday April 3rd, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

When you go travelling you expect to get bitten by al kinds of insects, at least I do. So when I was bitten by sandflies in Torres del Paine I knew that's part of being outdoors.

What I dindnīt expect is to get bitten a zillion times by bedbugs in Bariloche. Although I had heard of these little creatures, and knew I could encouter them, I didn't know they could bite this much. I mean, if you get bitten 3 times, or maybe 10 times, or even 30 times, that's annoying. But that they would bite me 300 times or more (I can't count hem all, there are just too much), that's groce.

And since this happened the first night we stayed in Bariloche the last days werea little itchy, as it still is today. But luckily for me it's only uncomfortable and annoying, and some medicine makes the itching less, so it's not really, really bad. And apparently it makes me sweet as well (which the bedbugs in a different way already knew of course, as they choose me as their victim and let Ingrid untouched). Ingrid says all the red dots make me look like a Dalmatian-dog. And Dalmatians are sweet, I hope...





From Cees on Apr 12th, 2007

Een kwestie van zo af en toe eens wassen... ;-)

From jacqueline on Apr 13th, 2007

It's better too be buged a thousand times by a bedbud than by your woman.

From lydia on Apr 14th, 2007

Dus je bent toch met dat jeukpoeder door de douane gekomen, Ing?