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Beds in Bariloche

Written on: Saturday April 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

We have had several beds in Bariloche, main reason: Easter.

Apparently all Argentines move around the country at Easter, and Chileans move into the country, so no two-persons bedroom is available. Those are difficult to find anyway, most "hostales" have many dorm beds and maybe one or two "matrimonial". (For some reason I feel a bit too old for 16-persons dorm rooms...).

Before leaving Amsterdam, Roy had already said Easter would be busy, and that we should book a hotel in advance. He mentioned it a few times afterwards, but we never really thought about exactly WHEN Easter would be.

When we finally found out (I think Fabian told us), it was too late: The big celebration here is the week before Easter, including Good Friday. This is how we ended up in the bedbug-bed (the room was still available for a reason...).

Some nice old lady finally took pity on us (well, on Dalmatian Roy mainly) and rented out a room to us, a very clean one!

So what do you do after moving houses and beds and going to farmacies and the hospital?

Right, you go paragliding!

Which was a fun experience, as my macho instructor (I bet he is a skiing teacher in winter), took me very high and showed me some acrobatics.

Take off was a bit scary though...

More pics of Bariloche and paragliding on mijnalbum




From Bro Cees on Apr 15th, 2007

Paste de 'n' niet meer op de helm?

From leontien on Apr 17th, 2007

He Ing, wat leuk je op die foto's weer es te zien, je bent echt helemaal nix veranderd! avonturen en schitterende plaatjes. Xal regelmatig lezen. Veel plezier! groetjes leontien vd berg