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Back to normal life in Puerto Natales

Written on: Friday March 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

After Roy´s philosophical discourse on first-time hiking, it is my turn to write a few words about something very familiair to us: The PARTY we had afterwards!

We hadn´t really talked to most people in these pictures during the hike, but we kept overtaking each other and say Hi (or ´Hola´ or ´Buenos dias´, or nothing, depending on the mood). Last day however, we shared this surreal experience of having walked for 5 days, and now getting up at 6 to climb for an hour in the dark to see the towers in surreal red and yellow.

It felt sort of like having been in a plane crash together, although I am not sure, never been in one. The word "survival" keeps coming to my head for some reason...

Reason enough I would say to drink lots of wine (did I mention that Argentinian wine is really, really lekker...and very cheap?) and eat huge steaks (did Roy mention...).

So we did and forgot about all our little body aches, only had to deal with next day´s headache now.....


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From Karin on Apr 9th, 2007

Heb ma net de foto's laten zien. Ziet er spectaculair uit hoor! Ben stiekum een beetje jaloers hoor. Zo te zien hebben jullie het goed naar jullie zin. We houden jullie in de gaten ;-) Liefs, Je grote zus