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The End Of The World

Written on: Wednesday March 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

A few days ago we arrived in Ushuaia, also known as "the end of the world". Personally I think it sounds a little bit strange talking about the end of the world since it?s just a spot on a ball-like figure, earth i mean. And where is the end, or beginning, on a ball? Anyway, since we don´t want to spoil the fun for all the others, and probably ourselves, we just call it the end of the world. And to be honest, coming here felt like going to the end of the world.

In the ten days between leaving Spain and arriving here we had a 36 hours planetrip (due to a heavy strom in Spain we had to overnight in a hotel in Madrid wich gave us something like a 12 hour delay), two 20 hours busrides and one 13 hours busride. This sums up to about 12.000 km by plane from Amsterdam and 3300 km by road from Buenos Aires.


Because we left Buenos Aires when it was dark, almost all we have seen during these busrides was the Patagonian landscape, which is just empty steppe, with sheep and the occasional guanaco grazing. And altough this just might sound a little bit boring, it wasn?t (not all the time at least). It really gives you a sense of the remoteness of this place.


And luckily for us Ushuaia itself is also a nice place, located between a mountain range and the Beagle Channel with a nice atmosphere and lots of things to do.


From Alison and Simon on Mar 27th, 2007

Hey guys! Thanks for the message on our blog. We're in Bariloche now - we skipped Torres del Paine but did Fitz Roy which is great if you get the chance. My feet have survived but Simon's don't look so good now! That'll teach us to wear our boots in next time!! Right, we've rented a car today to do some exploring so have fun wherever you are and keep in touch. Alison and Simon xxx P.S... did you ever find those socks? Simon lost some too we think!

From Bryan Rite on Mar 30th, 2007

Hey! I hope the new photo album tools help you. You should be able to see which pictures are uploaded without having to make your journals public first. Good luck on the rest of your travels!

From Coen on Sep 11th, 2007

En wat als je daar geboren bent?