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Written on: Sunday March 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Here I am, writing our travel blog in an Internet cafe in Buenos Aires, while I am trying to upload pictures from my digital camera to the computer (which I am not managing, probably because I am not allowed to install the driver).

At the same time, Roy is in another Internet cafe, where they have Windows XP, which he needs in order to solve his problems with his Creative ZEN MP3 player, the battery doesn´t charge anymore, and he desperately needs it for the 20-hour bus ride we have ahead! (Towards the penguins, JoeHoe!). My iPod is still working though, thank god.

Ten years ago, I travelled to South America and remember being annoyed with the speed of the Internet cafes (I think we found about 3 of them in 6 months, and I wanted to use them because I had at least two friends with email addresses back in Holland). But I had a great walkman with maybe as much as 5 tapes, a (paper) notebook and a pen and my pictures were developed by skilled people.

Ah well, at least I can send out lots of emails now!

But I better go and enjoy the sun, and find some tango on the street, which is what you do on Sunday´s in Buenos Aires apperently. I heard weather is getting better in Amsterdam?



PS No pictures added to this entry yet, see above :-)




From jacqueline on Mar 11th, 2007

Lachen met jullie, je moet trouwens wel nog de foto's plaatsen en gewoon in het zelfde internetcafê gaan zitten.