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Journey to Panglao Island

Written on: Friday May 9th, 2008

A journal entry from: See you next year!

We treated ourselves to a "suite" on the nightboat to Cebu City, imagining it would be like the suites we had seen(but never used) on the boats in the Amazone: A room just big enough for a bed and your bags; you just pay for the privacy and for not having to look after your bags all the time. So we were very surprised to find ourselves taken to a room which was bigger than most hotelrooms we have seen, including a private shower, table and chairs, big windows with a great view and(of course!) a huge television !

We had a few beers with a fellow backpacker we had met (one of those poor, scruffy ones that don't sleep in suites) and had a great night sleep, so next morning we immediately continued to what was supposed to be our final destination in the Philippines: Panglao Island.

We had planned to have a proper holiday here, do some diving and snorkeling and eating and partying and not move hotels for an entire week. Unfortunately, the weather was not good at all, typhoons were coming our way, the sea was too rough and it rained a bit. So off we went, to the interior of the next island where we hoped it would be at least less windy.

Little did we know....