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Mangos and Bamboo

Written on: Tuesday April 15th, 2008

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Although in my opinion not as beautiful as Siquior, we had a good few days in a quiet resort on the island of Guimares.

The resort was really quiet and in the middle of nowhere (there wasn't even a road), but fortunately for us, the annual mango festival was held somewhere on the island and we managed to get transportation to the action.

It was really busy and we don't know how many times we heard that the band Bamboo was performing that night ("You don't know Bamboo? Really?").

We had a few beers and ate a lot of....no, not mangos, but oysters and gambas, really lekker. Transportation back to a boat was hard though, as all tricycle drivers wanted to stay at the party instead of bringing us somewhere. The only way to get home was to pay a drunken driver double. Good thing everyone else was still at the party, so the drunken driver and we had the road all to ourselves. We only had to avoid a few dogs, which we managed. Just.