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International Women's day

Written on: Saturday March 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Luang Nam Tha is famous for its forests and trekking possibilities, so what did we do there? Right! We went to a party full of locals to celebrate International Women's day with them. I think I even got some Laos' moves in!

Truth be told, I also did a Jungle trek. Roy's stomach still wasn't very well, so he didn't come. He also isn't as keen on trekking as me. Especially not in the Jungle, as most you can see is trees and plants and more trees and bamboo and trees(unlike the rewarding endless views we had in the Andes). But I do like the physical exercise, the sounds of the jungle, sleeping far away from everything. And of course, the trees.

So, off I went, for three days, with some random people that wanted to do the same trek, two guides and two locals. I never knew how tiring a jungle trek could be, especially not after the "silly little walk" we had done in Cambodia. It was uphill, uphill, uphill, a little rest, more uphil, then more uphill and when we finally arrived at the top, all sweating and swearing, I imagined Roy lying in bed, laughing: "Told you so, no view!"

Then downhill, downhill, downhill, some more uphill and in my mind cursing one of my fellow trekkers whose idea it had been to check out the party the previous night. But after arriving at camp, close to a stream, having excellent food cooked by the guides and the locals, a "romantic campfire" (as was stated in the brochure), some wine and all kinds jungle sounds (how come frogs know so many songs? I think I even heard LCD Soundsystem), made it all very, very worthwhile!

Next time I will just have to make sure there is no International Women's day the night before!



From Patrick en Kati on Apr 25th, 2008

saiba-dee stelletje levensgenieters, Wij zijn inmiddels in Luang Nam Tha en de chinese thee staat klaar voor jullie, maar aangezien jullie al vanaf 8 maart geen nieuwe stukjes meer geschreven hebben, zitten jullie inmiddels waarschijnlijk ergens anders. Hopenlijk niet thuis in het koude amsterdam?