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No New Year in Pakse

Written on: Thursday February 7th, 2008

A journal entry from: See you next year!

The main reason we went to Pakse, was that we had heard the Vietnamese Tet/Chinese New Year was celebrated here. However, on arrival, the locals said that nothing much was happening ("It is not very creative anymore"). Apparently fireworks have been banned for some unknown reason (well, unknown to us, but we can imagine), and celebrations mainly consists of family dinners, if celebrated at all.

Since we don't have any family around here (yet), we had a look around Pakse and next day took an overcrowded sawngthaew to the south (i.e. a pickup truck with two benches along the sides and a cover...and people everywhere, including on the roof. Mysteriously, they are never full.)


From Jan on Mar 10th, 2008

hej roy en ingrid, Ik zat met jullie in diezelfde truck, inderdaad het vervoer in Azie lijkt nooit Full. Hopelijk beleven jullie de mooiste avonturen, wij hadden een leuke tijd met jullie op Don Det, thanks Jan en Jelle ( de belgen)