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e! Vietnam

Written on: Friday January 11th, 2008

A journal entry from: See you next year!

So, we arrived in yet a third country in this part of the world: Vietnam.

Needed to be done first: Learn to say conversation essentials like "Thank you", "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Vietnamese. Add counting 'til ten and 100 and 1000 and you can negotiate at the markets. "Beer", "water" and "bread" should be next on your list (not necessarily in that order).

Not that we cannot communicate with the locals without this great vocabulary, because most of them know English well enough to have at least some sort of conversation.

The only thing we needed to do is adjust our English a little bit, sort of like learning to speak Chinglish in China (although it doesn't seem as "bad" here, which is actually a shame). This learning process went completely natural though, and, without realising it, we now utter sentences like "How late bus Saigon?", "You have big water?" and "No have toilets?" and think they are perfect, gramattically correct English sentences.

I just hope we can unlearn this before it is too late...