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Kampong Cham

Written on: Thursday January 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: See you next year!

We decided to visit Kampong Cham to break up our journey to Kratie. And when there, visit two little temple mountains known as "Man Hill and Women Hill", in Cambodian "Phnom Pros" and "Phnom Srei".

This is a summary of the story behind these two hills:

Local legend has it that two teams, one of men and the other of women, toiled by night to be the first to construct a stupa on their summit by day-break. The women built a big fire, which the men took to be the rising sun and gave up work. The women, having won, no longer had to ask for the man?s hand in marriage.

After reading this story in my guidebook I'm not sure if women should be pleased with this legend. After all, I'm sure some men will see this as some kind of metaphor which says women are just deceiving men so they can have an easy living. That's not to say I am one of these men of course.