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Happy Birthday in Koh Mook

Written on: Thursday December 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

So my birthday destination was to be Koh Mook (or Muk or Muuk or I don't know how many other ways you can spell this) in search of a little piece of paradise (see this earlier post).

So the question is: was it the piece of paradise I was looking for? Well, sort of not completely, but not completely not.

Confusing? Well, picture nice beach and sea, quiet island, but one big resort dominating the beach. Get it?

But the resort didn't spoil my birthday. Calm and quiet, with a bit of snorkeling and a few drinks, I thought myself lucky turning 34 in this place.



PS Roy forgot to mention the best birthday present he received that day: He was actually bitten by a mean-looking fish while snorkling!