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"Try the Som Tam"

Written on: Thursday December 6th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

After thinking, breathing and living diving for a good few days (we were even invited to a divers' party afterwards, and now we can talk diving as well!), we decided it would be best to cool off a bit on a quiet beach, and eat some proper Thai food again. The TipTrip showed to be a good idea again: without all the hassle of finding out where to stay, we just went to the same resort Mel and Jim had recently stayed, on a quiet beach on an otherwise touristy island. Nice bungalows, but unfortunately the weather wasn't that great and the sea was a bit rough. But we had a backup tip from them: "Try the Som Tam". So, naturally, I tried the Som Tam.

The food in Thailand has been very nice so far. Roy is more of a spicy food eater than me (aren't boys always?), and every time we have spicy food he tells every one that wants to hear it (or not) about how spicy food can be addictive, as it releases endorphins - "happy chemicals"- to deal with the pain. Despite the theory, I have never been good with very hot food, but I seemed to be slowly getting used to it. This was helped by the fact that for some unknown reason I accidentally ordered dishes that were more spicy than his...even when he specifically asks for his "spicy".

So, when I tried Jim&Mel's Som Tam, I thought I would be ready for a "Papaya and Chilli salad". After all, it is a salad. Little did I know: I almost OD'ed on that dish! Everything was burning, I started to sweat all over, and the only "happy chemicals" seemed to have been in Roy's head, from looking at me eating every single bite in agony. Thanks for the tip, guys! But I think I will go for a save Sweet and Sour chicken again next time.




From lydia on Dec 11th, 2007

Ha die Ping! Som Tam is een van onze lievelingsgerechten - inderdaad heftig qua 'prik'. Als je echt op apegapen ligt: geen water, maar een paar drupjes olie op je tong. De capsaicine is namelijk alleen in vet oplosbaar. Maar niet te veel jengelen over heet eten, hoor, anders sturen we je door naar Polen voor grauwgekookte bieten met drilspek!