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Written on: Thursday November 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Our time in Amsterdam was all about meeting our family and friends. Which we enjoyed a lot. 

One of the things we learned is that people actually read the stuff we write here. Well, not everybody of course, but some actually do. For those who do, thank you.

Other people don't really read our stories, but they look once every while for a picture of the two of us. After concluding we look fine they go along with whatever they are doing. To these people also thanks, for at least remembering and caring a little about how we look. Couldn't hurt you though, to take an interest in what we write :).

And there are the people who for all kinds of reasons don't look at this website at all. Well, we just had more to tell about what we have done the last couple of months.

For all the people who actually read this we will continue writing. We will try though to update it a little bit more frequent,  so that you don't receive something what happened in the beginning of October at the end of November, which is now the case. And to which some of you commented about.



P.S. We are now in Bangkok.


From heikki on Dec 11th, 2007

One "little" problem with your blog is that somehow, the email notifications about new entries are generally sent a month or two after the fact..