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Salto Uruguay?

Written on: Wednesday October 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

I had read about a charming fishing village in remote Uruguay, which sounded nicely "off-the-beaten-track" to me.

So, we went to Uruguay. We looked at the map for a border crossing, and we decided to take the first one. Our guide book mentioned some hot water baths in the area - but nothing much more- so we took the gamble and went to Salto.

The hot water bath was actually a huge "aquapark", with lots of baths and swimming pools of different temperatures and massaging showers. I really enjoyed it, and so did my body, but I think Roy was less impressed with the fact that it was also a retreatment facility for old people and the average age of visitors was about 81. I thought it was rather fun to see do them Aqua aerobics on "I'm a barbie girl"...

Unfortunately no pics.