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Fabiam?s Brazilian adventure: Ponte Negra

Written on: Thursday September 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Introduction & Ponte Negra


Fabian Bloem

Being at Natal?s airport for six hours now in the departure zone may be a good time for some handwriting. I shall keep the original version for the photo book and for some nice memories with Roy and Ingrid. Eleven days ago I arrived at the airport of Natal and saw my name on a carton/paper plate. Like good customs, when some one is collected from the airport, it was spelled as ?Fabiam?. Just two hours later we were on the beach with caipirinha?s and coco nut.  

When I left Olanda, the song ?Such a perfect day? (by Lou Reed) was playing. The start of my vacation was like that, finally! 

Ponta Negra

Ponta Negra was fun for the first two days. Here I had my fist sleep-in in a pousada (sort of family guest house) and a very nice buggy ride (version ride ?without emotion?, which means low risks on accidents ?with fellow buggy riders and tourists?). Luis, ?El Presidente?, was our buggy guide for the whole day, showed us nice see and sand views, with 60/70 km an hour on the beach. The lagoon was the highlight of this trip. Later that day, in the evening, we bumped into the younger version of Willem H. That was the timing to move on to Pipa.